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Recent and Ongoing Projects

china1 The University of Michigan has a long history of scholarship with China that dates back over 100 years. Twenty-two of the Departments in the medical school are in active collaboration with 31 different medical schools in China. Previous NPGH Fellow projects include a study of the contributing factors for type 2 diabetes in conjunction with the Pinggu Metabolic Disease Study, a psychological intervention trial with methadone users, and the use of mobile technology for chronic disease management.

Collaborating Institutions

pekingPeking University Health Science Center (PUHSC) developed out of Peking Medical School, the first national school of western medicine established by the Chinese government through its own efforts. Since its inception in 1912, PUHSC has produced a large number of high-level medical and health specialists for the country, and has made outstanding contributions to improving the health of the Chinese people. PUHSC has five academic schools: the School of Basic Medical Sciences, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Public Health, School of Nursing, and the School of Foundational Education. In addition, it has eight nationally known affiliated hospitals.

jointIn 2010, the Joint Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (JI) was established between the University of Michigan Medical School and Peking University Health Science Center, with the goal of conducting translational and clinical research studies in the U.S. and China on diseases relative to both countries. Research programs focus on cardiovascular, liver, pulmonary, and renal diseases through three cores: biomedical informatics/biorepository, human protection/IRB, and collaboration.

wuhanfudanThe University of Hawai’i Office of Public Health Studies (UH-OPHS) together with Wuhan University and Fudan University established an exchange program in 2007. Now, more than half of UH-OPHS faculty members have traveled to China to teach or conduct research. Examples of research conducted through the exchange program include environmental impacts of the Three Gorges Dam, sexual behavior in Chinese college students, stress in the workplace, and environmental health.