Julie Buser, PNP, RN, PhD

Nominated From: University of Michigan

Research Site: Ghana Health Service

Research Area: Global Child Health

Primary Mentor: Cheryl Moyer

Research Project

Viability of maternity waiting homes as a potential mechanism to reduce maternal-newborn mortality in Kumasi, Ghana: a qualitative needs assessment

Maternity waiting homes (MWHs), usually located in rural settings, are residential dwellings located near health facilities where women stay to await delivery with skilled providers, that may offer a way to better provide perinatal obstetric care and improve maternal-newborn outcomes. Recent health policy changes recommend a shift away from rural delivery facilities towards larger urban facilities for better maternal-newborn health. There is an exceptionally wide gap in knowledge about the interest of and viability of MWHs in an urban environment.

Research Significance

This will be the first qualitative needs assessment study to explore community beliefs, values, and interest in and viability of MWHs as an intervention to reduce maternal-newborn mortality in an urban low-resource setting. The proposed project will reduce the gap in knowledge about interest in establishing and attitudes toward urban MWHs as health policy shifts towards encouraging women to delivery in larger-volume facilities.