Lisset Dumet Poma, MBA, PhD

Nominated From: Oregon Health and Science University 

Research Site: Universidad Peruana Cayetana Heredia

Research Area: Policy & Implementation Science & One Health approach

Primary Mentors: Dr. Seth O’Neal and Dr. Patricia Garcia

Research Project

Understanding networks and the policy process for implementing collaborative initiatives to address zoonotic diseases in Peru

My research applies the One Health approach, a holistic approach that integrates the interaction of humans, animals, and the environment to understand disease to identify and describe the Peruvian national and regional policy processes and networks for implementing collaborative initiatives to address zoonotic diseases. Zoonoses – diseases transmitted between animals and people – disproportionally affect low- and middle-income countries. Their complex nature adds substantial barriers to implementing effective interventions and policies for reducing incidence and prevalence. This research is based on an implementation project of the Ring Strategy, an intervention that applies One Health concepts to identify infected pigs with cysticercosis and provide antiparasitic drugs to households who live around it. I will conduct semi-structured interviews with stakeholders and policymakers from human, animal, and agriculture systems to understand their perspectives on the problem, priorities, and decision-making process related to the control and prevention of zoonoses. This research will build into my doctoral dissertation and inform about the country’s stakeholders’ perspectives and multisectoral collaboration for future implementation of One Health programs.

Research Significance

As demonstrated by the ongoing pandemic, there is an urgent need to identify policy context factors integral to building One Health multisectoral collaboration to address zoonotic diseases. Peru is an endemic area for the zoonotic disease cysticercosis, which causes 30- 40% of epilepsy cases in low-income communities. Studying Peruvian policy networks will describe multisectoral policy connections and views from animal, agriculture, and human health experts and stakeholders to inform future One Health collaborative strategies to support and improve control and prevention programs. This research will also provide recommendations about applying theory-based policy research to inform implementation projects looking to scale-up evidence-based solutions.


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