Nirali Patel

Nominated From: University of Minnesota

Research Site: Bangalore, India

Research Area: Microbiome, Wastewater Reuse

Primary Mentor: Shailey Prasad

Research Project

Microbial Transmission in Wastewater Irrigation

This study will characterize the microbiome of wastewater and well water used for agricultural irrigation and the corresponding skin microbiome of exposed farmers. We will determine which microbes are being transmitted from irrigation source to farmers as to verify the safety of wastewater reuse in agriculture.

Research Significance

About 80% of India’s freshwater is diverted for agricultural use. While wastewater is an environmentally friendly alternative, it’s effects on farmers’ health is understudied. Current literature has focused on the transmission of a few gut pathogens while the majority of the microbiome is left unaddressed. This study will provide a detailed view of the pathogens in wastewater and their transference to farmers.


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