Saate Shakil, MD, MS

Nominated From: University of Washington

Research Site: Kenya-Kenyatta National Hospital

Research Area: Cardiovascular Disease

Primary Mentor: Dr. Carey Farquhar

Research Project

Early structural heart disease and HIV in East Africa

I am a cardiologist and early career physician-scientist interested in cardiovascular disease phenotypes and mechanisms in diverse global populations. The goal of my Fogarty project is to examine early structural heart disease in HIV using multimodality cardiovascular imaging. My project will also explore other environmental and infectious determinants of cardiovascular disease.

Research Significance

Cardiovascular disease, and specifically atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, is the leading cause of death worldwide. Mechanisms of cardiovascular disease may differ across global populations. Exploring these mechanisms in understudied populations, such as in East Africa, could yield novel insights into prevention and treatment targets for all populations globally.


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