Anitha Jagadesh, MSc, PhD

Nominated From: University of Minnesota

Research Site: Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Research Area: Virology

Primary Mentor: Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay

Research Project

Production of monoclonal antibodies from influenza virus-like particles and development of a rapid diagnostic test

The influenza viruses are known to cause a highly contagious respiratory illness in humans, which can lead to potentially fatal outcome. Timely and accurate diagnosis is the key for successful management of the disease. Several rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) have been used for point of care (POC) testing and detection of the virus. RDT are very useful tools on-site especially during outbreaks. POCT or RDTs can be used in remote settings and in clinics in the absence of laboratory services. RDTs do not require complex laboratory equipment and can be performed and interpreted by health-care providers within 5-15 minutes.

Research Significance

Currently available influenza RDTs utilize antibodies against nucleoproteins of influenza viruses and can detect and distinguish between influenza A and B viruses. However none of the approved RDTs can identify the different subtypes of influenza viruses. Hemagglutinin (HA) a surface glycoprotein and a major antigen of the influenza virus could be better option for distinguishing different subtypes and may not require sample pre-processing steps.


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