Ann Wolski

Nominated From: University of Michigan

Research Site: Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Ghana

Research Area: Maternal and Child Health

Primary Mentor: Cheryl Moyer

Research Project

Can neonatal near-miss categorization be used to improve outcomes? A pilot study in Kumasi, Ghana

Neonatal mortality constitutes a high proportion of child mortality worldwide. For every newborn who dies, there are multiple “near misses,” i.e., newborns who could have died, but did not. Assessing near-misses is an effective way of determining both successes associated with averting deaths and systemic shortcomings leading to life-threatening conditions. Using a previously piloted neonatal near-miss tool, we will identify neonatal near-misses and associations at a tertiary hospital in Ghana. With the collaboration of local providers, we will then develop, implement, and assess a neonatal near-miss flagging system to prioritize near-miss care and reduce neonatal mortality.

Research Significance

Despite the disproportionate burden of neonatal mortality in low and middle income countries, we continue to lack cost- and time-effective measures to combat the issue. Our study of the neonatal near-miss tool will provide important information about both its efficacy in improving neonatal health and future directions for Maternal and Child Health worldwide.

Advice for Potential Candidates

Never be afraid to reach out to strangers to ask questions about their research and global health work – you just may meet a mentor or make a friend!


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