Anthony Kayiira, MD, MS

Nominated From: University of Minnesota

Research Site: Uganda Cancer Institute

Research Area: Onco-fertility and cancer survivorship

Primary Mentor: Rahel Ghebre

Research Project

Understanding Reproductive Health among Survivors of Pediatric and Young Adult (URHSPY) Cancers

Although reproductive failure after cancer treatment in children and young adults has been extensively described in the western world, there are few anecdotal reports and no published data on these reproductive outcomes in Uganda. Studies in high-income settings show that individual, system and environmental factors negatively affect perspectives and attitude of health workers towards the risk of reproductive failure among young cancer patients . Unfortunately, in our setting, the barriers or enablers to favorable patients’ and health-worker perspectives towards the risk of reproductive failure among young cancer patients is not known.

Research Significance

This study will be the first in Uganda to describe the extent of reproductive morbidity among childhood and young-adult cancer survivors. This will be the first study in Ugandan exploring contextual enablers or barriers that affect attitudes and perspectives of patients and health workers toward the risk of reproductive morbidity associated with cancer treatment. Results from this study will provide a foundation for awareness and advocacy for fertility preservation in at risk young cancer patients in Uganda.


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