Catherine Lutalo Mwesigwa, MDPPH

Nominated From: University of Washington

Research Site: Makerere University

Research Area: Oral health and oral health care in HIV pediatric populations

Primary Mentor: Ana Lucia Seminario

Research Project

Feasibility of integrating oral health in the primary care of HIV-positive pediatric patients in a low-resource setting

Children living with HIV/AIDs (CLWHA) in low-resource settings experience a high burden of oral conditions due to biological and other risk factors. These conditions may affect their quality of life. Without any special attention to oral health in the primary HIV-care setting, they accumulate dental treatment needs. Furthermore, low-income healthcare systems are faced with poor prioritization of oral health, disintegrated care and poor referral systems.

Research Significance

In order to achieve comprehensive HIV-care, evidence is needed to show that interventions work in low-resource settings. This study, therefore proposes to determine the feasibility of incorporating oral health promotion in primary pediatric HIV-care and the effectiveness of an oral health curriculum developed in another setting.

Advice for Potential Candidates

There are multiple health-related problems that affect care in vulnerable populations, the solutions might be multiple and complex but look for ways of how to contribute to the solution, albeit in a small way.


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