Constance Opoku, MBChB

Nominated From: University of Michigan

Research Site: Ghana

Research Area: Cervical Cancer Prevention

Primary Mentor: Kathy Spangenberg

Research Project

A Hospital Based Cervical Cancer Screening Study with an Integrated Approach

This project seeks to find out available knowledge and perception of cervical cancer among women in the reproductive age group in Northern Ghana. It also finds out the acceptability of integrating cervical cancer screening with existing reproductive health services.

Research Significance

Cervical cancer remains the top female cancer in a significant number of developing countries but screening rates remain low in these places and very few of these countries have a national screening programme in place. Boosting screening rates by incorporating cervical cancer screening in pre-existing highly subscribed reproductive health services, would be an innovative way to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with this preventable cancer

Advice for Potential Applicants

Stay focused and don’t let the work overwhelm you!


  • Dr K. Gold
  • Dr E.N.L Browne
  • Dr D. Kolbilla
  • Dr Kathy Spangenberg
  • Cheryl Moyer



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