Irene Mukui, MBChB

Irene Mukui_photo

Nominated From: University of Washington

Research Site: Kenya

Research Area: HIV Epidemiology and Operational Research

Primary Mentor: Carey Farquhar

Research Project


Common Mental Health Illnesses and Substance Abuse among HIV Infected Adolescents attending Kenyatta National Hospital


I will be conducting a study to determine the burden of common mental illnesses and substance abuse among HIV infected adolescents and young people seeking care at the Kenyatta National Hospital. Specifically i will be seeking to determine the magnitude of common illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders and substance abuse


Research Significance

Mental health disorders are associate with greater morbidity and health risk behaviors among persons living with HIV including unsafe sex, substance abuse and non-adherence to antiretroviral therapy. Adolescence and youth present unique challenges associated with development and graduation into adulthood. This when coupled with HIV infection and a multitude of familial, economic, and social or environmental factors may increase the risk for mental health problems.My study seeks to address the current knowledge gaps on the magnitude of mental health among adolescents and youth with HIV and associated factors and will provide much needed data for planning and intervention.


Advice for Potential Candidates

The fellowship provides an excellent opportunity not only to develop your career in global health but also to network and opportunities to seek answers to so many questions that are of global health importance and contribute to improving the health of populations.



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