James Kelley, PhD, MPH

Nominated From: University of Hawaii

Research Site: Thailand

Research Areas: Tropical Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Dengue Virus

Primary Mentor: Diane Taylor

Research Project

Potential Triggers of Severe Dengue Disease Progression

Having previously characterized the role of several flavivirus nonstructural proteins responsible for altering intracellular communication and innate immune responses associated with progression of severe disease, we seek to bridge laboratory findings with clinical data to better drive future aims towards understanding disease progression dynamics in dengue virus infected patients. Specifically, we aim to identify key biological markers of severe dengue disease.


Research Significance

There are no dengue vaccines or antivirals available and no alternative to fluid replacement in dengue infected patients progressing to severe dengue hemorrhagic fever and shock. Our current work hopes to identify viable targets to assist in the development of Flavivirus-wide therapeutic interventions.


Advice for Potential Applicants

Find dedicated mentors and begin the research plan at least 6 months before the application deadline.





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