Jonathan Mayito, MBChB, MMed

Nominated From: University of Minnesota

Research Site: Infectious Diseases Institute, Uganda

Research Area: Tuberculosis diagnostics and treatment monitoring

Primary Mentor: Joshua Rhein

Research Project

Utility of the monocyte to lymphocyte ratio in diagnosing latent tuberculosis among HIV-infected individuals with a negative tuberculosis symptom screen

Evaluating the diagnostic performance of the Monocyte to Lymphocyte ratio (MLR) compared to interferon gamma release assay, and measure the change in MLR from baseline to three months during Tuberculosis Preventive Therapy, among HIV-infected patients with a negative WHO symptom screen.

Research Significance

MLR would offer an alternative biomarker for screening for latent tuberculosis to identify individuals that would more likely benefit from TPT, and to target the preventive therapy to only individuals at utmost risk for active TB.

Advice for Potential Candidates

Reserve enough time, work through every step fast but diligently, and enjoy the learning experience.


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