Pavel Contreras, MD, MSc

Nominated From: University of Minnesota

Research Site: Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

Research Area: HIV and Mental Health

Primary Mentor: Andrés Lescano

Research Project

Effect of iCBT on the quality of life of HIV-infected people with mental illness diagnosed during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ensuring quality of life is a human right and a constant concern of health systems and services. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only diminished the physical but also the mental health of most people, even more so in people in vulnerable conditions such as people with HIV. Our study aims to determine the efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy provided by teleconsultation in the management of depression and anxiety in people with HIV affected by COVID-19.

Research Significance

Our study is important because it will allow to know the degree of mental health affectation of people with HIV, as well as, to consider CBT to reduce Anxiety and Depression problems maintaining the social distance with an opportune and accessible attention, adapted to the growing virtuality in the world.


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