Lindsey Law

Nominated From: University of Minnesota

Research Site: Uganda

Research Area: Cerebral Malaria

Primary Mentor: Robert Opoku


Lindsey is a rising third-year medical student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Medical School whose desire to study global health and infectious diseases stems from her dedication towards building a more equitable world in which the great majority of disease burden is not shouldered by the world’s poorest populations.   Lindsey’s primary inspiration within medicine has been through her study of and involvement in health programs and institutions that reinforce values of human rights and social justice.  Through her various experiences working abroad whether it was on an international clinical trial investigating the optimal timing of HIV therapy after cryptococcal meningitis in a South African township or working on an ecosystem rehabilitation project in the Seychelles Islands, she has gained a realistic perspective of the problems that prevalent in many developing nations and is invigorated by the opportunity to confront those challenges in a constructive manner.  Lindsey has been named a Fogarty Global Health Fellow for 2012-2013 and will be heading to Kampala, Uganda this winter to work at the Center for Cerebral Malaria at Makerere University in partnership with Mulago Hospital under the mentorship of Dr. Chandy John.

Lindsey was raised in a Washington, D.C. suburb.  She studied biology at Yale University where her interests in medicine were born.  During her undergraduate years, she conducted cell biology research under the direction of Dr. Thomas Pollard.  This work confirmed her interest in translational scientific research whose results yield groundbreaking discoveries that can literally save lives.  After completing her B.S. in biology, she pursued a Masters degree at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Her research has been published in molecular and cell biology journals.  Her long-term goals in medicine are to build a career that emphasizes academic research that translates into improving clinical practices and health policy in resource-limited regions.  Ultimately, Lindsey hopes her work will contribute towards the global effort to further the values of social justice and equality in the hopes of promoting a more equitable approach to applying and distributing medical knowledge and technology.  Outside medicine, Lindsey enjoys learning about marine ecosystem conservation, bicycle touring, and visiting tropical destinations.





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