Shrinkhala Shrestha, MPHM, PhD(c)

Nominated From: University of Washington

Research Site: Kathmandu University/Dhulikhel Hospital

Research Area: Quality of Care, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Primary Mentor: Biraj Karmacharya

Research Project

Quality of Care of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in tertiary level hospitals in Nepal

COPD is a major public health issue and a leading cause of mortality and morbidity. Nepal was ranked among the top four countries with highest age-standardized disability adjusted life year (DALY) rates due to COPD. Despite being a leading non-communicable disease, little knowledge is only known regarding the quality of care in COPD management. So, we purposed to assess the quality of care in COPD management across multiple perspectives in Nepal. The study will assess quality of care of COPD at tertiary level hospitals and explore the perceived opportunities and challenges of incorporating the components of Chronic Care Model in COPD management at three tertiary-level hospitals in Nepal.

Research Significance

The findings from this project will directly benefit the treatment of the patients with COPD. It will help improve the existing COPD management and thus will benefit the patients. Further, understanding the perceived opportunities and challenges of incorporating the Chronic Care Model in COPD care, will help to develop a strategy for managing COPD patients better. The chronic care model also includes the role of patient care-takers including family members and ways to empower them. This study will generate foundational information to help engage family members better in the patient care of COPD even in low-income settings.


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