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Month: February 2016

Mentor Magaly Blas wins “Women in Science Award” from L’Oreal Peru


Photo via Ricardo Moran

FICR-S alumna, Clayton-Dedonder Mentor Fellow, and NPGH Mentor Magaly Blas was selected to win the “Women in Science” award from Peru’s Concytec, Unesco, and L’Oreal Peru for her commitment and contribution to the advancement of scientific research in Peru.  The executive director of Cienciativa, Hugo Carlos Weiner, stated that “this prize recognizes the effort and dedication of all women in the field of science and research.”

Read the full article in Spanish here.

Alumnus Henry Ddungu publishes in JAMA

HenryHenry Ddungu recently published an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association based on findings from the “TOTAL Randomized Clinical trial, which monitored the “Effect of Transfusion of Red Blood Cells with Longer vs. Shorter Storage Duration on Elevated Blood Lactate Levels in Children with Severe Anemia” in Uganda.

Trainee Valerie Cortez publishes article in PLoS Pathologens

ValValerie Cortez, who recently returned from her fellowship in Peru, published an article titled “The Broad Neutralizing Antibody Responses after HIV-1 Superinfection Are Not Dominated by Antibodies Directed to Epitopes Common in Single Infection.” The article was featured in PLoS Pathogens.


Two publications from alumnus Nathan Bahr


Alumnus Nathan Bahr recently published two articles in collaboration with his colleagues at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda and the University of Minnesota. The first article is about the “Seroprevalence of histoplasmosis in Kampala, Uganda, published in Medical Mycology. The second article is on the “The Effect of Structural Violence on Patients with Sickle Cell Disease, published in the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.

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