Completed and Ongoing Projects

These are projects that have already been done or are currently being worked on by previous Fogarty Fellows or mentors. Applicants can use these as inspiration or jumping-off points for proposing their own projects. To request more information regarding a specific project, please e-mail Nicole Hobbs ( and she can put you in touch with the Principle Investigator.


Research Topic Trainee
Infection pyrogens profiles in children between 0-5 years in Cameroon Olivia Achonduh
HIV and malaria co-infection in pregnant Cameroonian women Anna Babkhanyan


Research Topic Trainee
 Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner’s Seven Dimensions of Culture Ching-Ping Lin
Environmental and genetic contributions to the development of obesity and its related metabolic complications Xiuying Zhang


Research Topic Trainee
Neonatal jaundice in Ghana Nauzley Abedini
Dietary and anthropometric factor association with tumor occurrence and outcomes in Ghana Iman Martin
Development of an injury research database, a retrospective observational study, and training in Ghana Rockefeller Oteng


Research Topic Trainee
Malaria Immunology Trainee Cyrus Ayieko
Urgent Versus Post-Stabilization ART in HIV-1 Infected Children with Severe Co-infection Sarah Benki-Nugent, Grace John-Stewart, Barbra Richardson and Dalton Wamalwa
Impact of HIV, Immune Activation, and ART on Child Neurodevelopment in Kenya Sarah Benki-Nugent
HIV and Child Neurodevelopment in Kenya Sarah Benki-Nugent
Mother to child transmission of HIV-1 Trainee Rose Bosire
Baboon Alphapapillomaviruses Trainee Daniel Chivatsi
Impact of Cryotherapy versus Loop Electrosugrical Excision Procedure (LEEP) on Recurrence of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia and HIV-1 Cervical Shedding among HIV-positive Women Michael Chung and Barbra Richardson
International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH) Michael Chung
Coptic Hospital/ University of Washington Collaborative HIV-1 Care Michael Chung,Grace John-Stewart and Barbra Richardson
MEPI: Programmatic-Strengthening Medical Education for Improved Health Outcomes in Kenya Michael Chung, Carey Farquhar, Grace John-Stewart, James Kiarie, John Kinuthia and Ruth Nduati
MEPI: Linked-Strengthening Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Research Training in Kenya Michael Chung, Carey Farquhar, Grace John-Stewart, James Kiarie, John Kinuthia, Judd Walson and Dalton Wamalwa
Drug-Resistance Testing in Kenya Michael Chung
Integration of non-facility providers in simulated emergency training Trainee John Cranmer
Assisted Partner Notification to Augment HIV Treatment and Prevention in Kenya Carey Farquhar
HIV-1 and Protective Immunity against Common Childhood Pathogens Carey Farquhar
International AIDS Education and Training Center (ITECH): Afya-Bora Consortium Fellowship in Global Health Leadership Carey Farquhar
Women’s Lifecourse Events & HIV Transmission Potential: A Multidisciplinary Study Carey Farquhar and Barbra Richardson
Improving the HIV Care Cascade in Kenya through Implementation Science Training Carey Farquhar
Characterization of HIV Antibody Responses in Chronically Infected Women Susan Graham, Scott McClelland and Barbra Richardson
Early Infection and Re-infection in Women Exposed Mucosally to HIV-1 Susan Graham, Scott McClelland and Barbra Richardson
Provider and Peer Support Intervention to Improve ART Adherence Among Kenyan Men Susan Graham
Overcoming Barriers to HIV/AIDS Care and ART Initiation Brandon Guthrie
Improving Linkage to HIV Care Following Provider Initiated Testing and Counseling Brandon Guthrie
Epidemiology of Malaria:  predicting risk Trainee Karen Hamre
International Training and Education Center for HIV (I-TECH) King Holmes
I-Tech Safe Male Circumcision in Botswana King Holmes
Evaluation of a risk score to identify high-risk HIV-1 serodiscordant couples for evaluation of antiretroviral-based HIV-1 prevention interventions. Trainee Elizabeth Irungu
Pediatric HIV-1 in Africa: Pathogenesis and Management Grace John-Stewart
Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) International Core Grace John-Stewart
ERIN CRC: Molecular Basis of Nontyphoidal Salmonella Emergence Grace John-Stewart and Judd Walson
UW Center for Global Integrated Health of Women, Adolescents and Children (Global-WACh) Grace John-Stewart
Impact of Suppressive Antimicrobial Therapy on the Vaginal Microbiota and BV Scott McClelland
AIDS Integrated Assistance Program, APHIA plus Nairobi and Coast Ruth Nduati
Epidemiology and microbiology of childhood bacteremia Trainee Frankline Onchiri
Quality of antibody responses to multiple P. falciparum antigens in western Kenya Trainee Bartholomew Ondigo
Immune activation during pregnancy and contraception in HIV-infected Kenyan women Alison Roxby
Progestorone-based Contraception and Immune Activation in postpartum Kenyan Women Alison Roxby
Vertical CMV transmission in the setting of maternal HIV-1 infection in Kenya Jennifer Slyker
Immunologic correlates of EBV containment in HIV infected infants Jennifer Slyker
Strengthening Care Opportunities through Partnership in Ethiopia (SCOPE) Judd Walson
Partnership for Advanced Care & Treatment-Centers of Excellence Dalton Wamalwa


Research Topic Trainee
HPV follow-up among female sex workers Devora Aharon
HIV prevention aboard: a video-based cluster-randomized controlled trial to increase HIV testing and condom use in Amazon riverboats Isaac Alva
Harm reduction strategies, substance use and online sex seeking among HIV-positive men who have sex with men in Peru Isaac Alva
Association between human papillomavirus and HTLV infection in indigenous women from the Peruvian Amazon Magaly Blas
Community genetics approach for neurogenetic diseases in the Peruvian population Mario Cornejo
Epidemiology characteristics of HTLV-1 and HTLV-2 in Peru Emily Deischel
A quantitative health needs assessment in Lomas de Zapallal, Lima, Peru Kristen Heitzinger
Sexually transmitted infections in Peruvian and migratory sex workers Evelyn Hsieh, Vicky Vargas & Martha Calderon
Violence against female sex workers in Peru Christina Khan
Resistance to antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1 infected individuals receiving ART Segundo Leon
Identifying treponema pallidum bacterial strains in Syphilis patients Daphne Ma
TB meningitis/Labdx techniques using CSF Tatiana Metcalf
Neuroepidemiological aspects of HTLV ½ infection in three Peruvian Amazonian communities Nicanor Mori
Meningoencephalitis in Peru Nicanor Mori & Christina Nelson
Neuropsychological impairment in HIV-infected children living in Peru Peggy Martinez
Prevalence of human papilloma virus in multiple anatomical sites among men who have sex with men Lucho Menacho
HTLV-I and HTLV-II in Zarumilla, Tumbes, Peru Luz Maria Moyano
Development of an emergency department risk score at Instituto Nacional de Salud del Nino Katie Nielsen
Frequency of neuropathy and cognitive impairment among HIV-infected adults Yesenia Nuñez
Cardiovascular disease events and mortality in a large referral hospital in Peru Catherine Pastorius
The relationship between socioeconomic and behavioral exposures and residence with obesity, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus in Peru Catherine Pastorius
Pilot study of ano-rectal HPV in Peruvian MSM Roswell Quinn
Clinical and biochemical assessment of nutritional status in Peruvian school age children of low socioeconomic level in Zapallal, Puente Piedra District, Lima, Peru Franco Romani
Tuberculosis treatment outcomes in smear negative HIV-infected patients and factors associated with delay in initiating tuberculosis treatment, Peru 2005-2010 Lilian Saavedra
Tuberculosis meningitis at the Hospital Nacional Dos de Mayo: 2005-2010 Jaime Soria
Human papillomavirus prevalence and risk factors among male clients of female sex workers in Callao Peru Jenell Stewart
Trends and characteristics of self-reported HIV testing in women of childbearing age, Peru 2000 Romina Tejada
Determinants of HIV shedding in the anal-rectal canal in men who have sex with men – with attention to coinfection with Human T-Cell lymphotropic virus I/II (HTLV-I/II) and human papilloma virus (HPV) Manuel Villaran


Research Topic Trainee
Use of nPEP to prevent HIV infecion among the MSM population Nitiya Chomchey
IDs, Dengue virus, and vascular permeability James Kelley
Anal intraepithelial neoplasia biomarkers Nittaya Phanuphak
Traumatic brain injury Sumidtra Prathep


Research Topic Trainee
Xpert MTB/RIF detection of TB Meningitis Nathan Bahr
Transfusion support in cancer patients Henry Ddungu
Aberrant angiogenesis associated with cerebral malaria and the role of microRNAs Goutam Ghosh
Identifying neurologic, cognitive and behavioral outcomes in children with retinopathy positive vs. retinopathy negative cerebral malaria Lindsay Law
Neurological on antiretroviral therapy Abdu Musubire
Strategies for the prevention of Hepatitis B viral infection among HIV-infected Ugandan adults Emmanuel Seremba
Prevalence of mycobacterium bovis in archived PZA resistant mycobacterium Tuberculosis complex isolates Sylvia Wanzala
G6PD deficiency and malaria Olatundun Williams
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